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Smart home surveillance systems in Cincinnati

Detect-All Security offers many home surveillence systems as part of our residential services. We install security systems, fire alarm systems, closed circuit television, and even medical alert/Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). We also are able to install other types of alarm systems and detectors. Get more details on the options below, or call our office to talk to a staff member about your choices and the prices associated with each type of option. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you!

Security & fire alarm systems

Detect-All Security has many years of experience installing both security systems and fire alarm systems for homeowners. Whether you are searching for basic security alarms or something more detailed, we can help. Make sure your home has an up-to-date, efficient fire alarm system. We'll be happy to talk you through the options. Give us a call for more information.

Closed circuit TV

Closed circuit TV monitoring can be useful for some homeowners. If you would like the protection that a camera system can offer, let us know and we'll show you the choices that are available. Closed circuit TVs are a great option for those who have a large property, or expensive vehicles stored in a garage. There are many other reasons that homeowners like to have the option of having cameras on their property. Ask us for more information and we'll help you evaluate if it's right for you.

Medical alert/PERS

Medical alert alarms are fast becoming a popular option for many homeowners. We are able to assist you both with finding the right option for your situation and installing it for you. Some of the options include the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) including entry access, stand alone & GPS. Please call our office for details.


From ambush alarms to hold up alarms, Detect-All Security can install whatever you need to feel safe. We do specific alarm systems in addition to our overall security alarms.
Feel free to get in touch with us to learn about the different types of alarm services we offer.


Smoke detectors aren't the only type of detector system we can install. We also detectors for water levels in your home, carbon monoxide detectors, and detectors that can sense temperature. Detect-All Security is also able to install natural gas detectors if needed. Call us to learn more.
Smart surveillance cameras installed in Cincinnati, OH

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